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Synchronization Module CyberOffice from Prestashop to Dolibarr ERP/CRM

CyberOffice description module

The module CyberOffice for Prestashop and Dolibarr ERP/CRM synchronizes automatically with webservices (automatics flows) data from your Prestashop store to Dolibarr ERP/CRM. It synchronizes in real time via webservices all the events carried out on Prestashop to Dolibarr . (Categories, products, combinations, prices, stocks, images, characteristics, customers, orders, invoices, payments, bank accounts ...)
CyberOffice can be installed at any time in the life of your Prestashop store. It is recommended to put it in place when you have obtained your first sales and you control the processes of use of your shop. If you are testing, consider when going into production to sync categories and products again.


Prestashop compatibility
1.6 to 1.7.xx
Dolibarr and DoliCloud compatibility
10.0 to 16.x
Compatibility mutuals servers or dedicated servers with SOAP
Webservices (automatic)
Synchronization from Prestashop to Dolibarr
Easy installation by module
Multi-stores (several shops in the same Prestashop connected to a single Dolibarr ERP/CRM)
Multi-shops (several independent Prestashop connected* to a single Dolibarr ERP/CRM)
Products and combinations,(variant activation on request, requires our MyCyberOffice module), features
Prestashop synchronized specific prices (requires the Dolibarr Price List module)
Barcode UPC and EAN13 and ISBN for 1.7 version
Clients (historical recovery choice depending on the date)
Orders (historical recovery choice depending on the date), incremental synchronization
Invoices (historical recovery choice depending on the date)
Stocks (synchronization choice), choice of warehouse to use depending on the carrier
Payments (Association to different bank accounts)
Statutes orders and invoices choice for synchronization
Creating Shipping (modifiable wording, addition of the carrier) and Discount creation (modifiable wording), Wrapping for gift packaging (modifiable wording)
Prestashop number shop / order / cart visible in Reference customer in order & invoice
Long description Prestashop product added extrafield
Multi-currency orders and invoices synchronized in currency on Dolibarr
The second module MyCyberOffice automatic synchronization from Dolibarr to Prestashop is available on extensions marketplace Prestashop Addons and DoliStore
*Requires one license by Prestashop

Easy to install Dolibarr and Prestashop Module

1.Video module install
2.Video module using
3.Video Multi-stores and categories (Categories are essential for product synchronization)


Prestashop Module

1-Add a new module, load

Backoffice: Modules / Modules manager / upload a module

2-Configure CyberOffice

Dolibarr Webservices Key
Copy the generated key in Dolibarr ( Dolibarr / webservices )
Path Dolibarr
Copy entire url Dolibarr without forgetting / at the end
Authentification Dolibarr
This is the connection login Dolibarr (Super Admin) and the corresponding password. (Do not indicate the email address)
Put 1 by default, if you use multi company choose the correct id
Warehouse index used (displayed in the URL Dolibarr )
Default language
Language used
Synchronization statuses
These are the chosen statuses that trigger the synchronization of orders and invoices into Dolibarr. Those default " Payment accepted " " Shipped " " Delivery " correspond to 99% of the uses, if you do not know and let set . If you check them all , there will be permanent synchronization in Dolibarr every state of orders and invoices .
Synchronize all clients
Function not available now , it will synchronize prospects, or users who have not ordered
Shop Protocole
Choice http or https
If your PrestaShop products have no references put what you want to identify your products in Dolibarr. If all of your products have a reference to PrestaShop use {ref } and will be taken and used in Dolibarr.
Your shop must not be in MAINTENANCE MODE

3-Follow instructions CyberOffice infos

Install module in Prestashop
In the back office click to add a new module.
Download the module module and install it on Dolibarr, under directory htdocs/ or at the level of other modules
Click on module unzip the file and place cyberoffice folder under htdocs / or at the level of other modules
Under Dolibarr : Turn the webservice and generate the key. (home-setup-modules-interfaces modules-webservices) Turn the CyberOffice module
Under Prestashop : Set the module. All fields are required
See point 2 above "Configure CyberOffice"
Everything is checked green ? Your sync is operational
You should have absolutely all green check marks for the module is functional.
Initialize the database "Categories" and "Products"
To process in order as indicated by the " initialization" procedure in the module. Categories are essential for product synchronization.
Optionnal : You can sync your existing orders and customers
In CyberOffice tool choose a start date and end to synchronize the history of clients and orders. Please note that customers are often registered before ordering.
Instructions CyberOffice infos
Point 6 Initialization: Depending on the number of categories or products, the synchronization period will be shorter or longer, you must wait for the response from the server that will be of type: Response batch 1: sent (in case of timeout, perform synchronization by part). Images : When initializing products, only cover images are synchronized in Dolibarr to avoid overloading the server (timeout). To get all of them in Dolibarr product sheet: 1- Open the product in Prestashop 2- Save it 3- All images will be synchronized in Dolibarr.
Initialize "Categories" and "Products"
Point 7 Synchronize customers according to their creation date in Prestashop. Very often the registration is done well before the order.
Synchronization of orders, if an order does not have its client synchronized it will not be synchronized in Dolibarr. In this case, check the creation date of the customer in Prestashop and make a customer synchronization on this date.
Synchronization of the history of customers who have placed orders and orders made on Prestashop

Prestashop server information

cUrl extension must be available on your server
cURL must be active on the server for the module to work
default_socket_timeout : 60
Current value for the correct functioning of the module*
max_execution_time : 165
Current value for the correct functioning of the module and its installation by the wizard*
memory_limit : 512M
Current value for the correct functioning of the module and its installation by the wizard *
display_error : off
Must be switched OFF for the proper functioning of the webservices.
*The value can be higher but not lower

How synchronization status works

Choose which statuses will trigger the synchronization of orders, invoices and payments to Dolibarr. If you do not know how to leave the default values that will work in all cases.

What's new in the latest version 1.6.2

-New configuration dashboard present on the module in Dolibarr

  1. 1.
    Customers : Synchronization of client's language (pdf translation) / Force the name to uppercase
  2. 2.
    Products : Synchronisation du stock / Do not sync descriptions / UseVariant (Enable on demand )
  3. 3.
    Orders : 1 discount line per Prestashop discount / Synchronization of Prestashop ref with the order reference / Synchronization of Prestashop ref with the customer reference
  4. 4.
    Invoices : Provision of the download link on Prestashop (The Dolibarr invoice is present in the customer's backoffice)

What's new from version 1.5.x

-For countries with double tax

In some countries as Canada, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, the USA, etc…. Products are subject to double tax. The module now manages these double taxes in combined mode and one after the other mode.

-Incremental synchronization of failed orders

After a stop during orders synchronization, click on the "incremental synchronization" button to restart the synchronization immediately after the stop. Avoid relaunching all the orders.

Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Dolibarr ERP/CRM Module

1-Download and unzip the file and place its content at the root of Dolibarr at the same level as the main Dolibarr directories

Do not install in the Custom directory. Do not use the installer, but install at the same level as the main Dolibarr directories

2-Enable Webservice module, key protection to copy into Prestashop

3-Enable CyberOffice and categories module (Multi-module tools)

Activate barcodes only if they are all present in Prestashop products

-Activate the services module

4-Automatic creation of discounts and shipping and packaging wrapping costs*

If the services have not been created, you must switch the CyberOffice module to Off then On. This revives the creation of services.
The labels can be changed according to your needs.(*see further news)
5-Check if a warehouse is open
and the VAT filled with identical Prestashop
6-Stocks synchronization and
set method of decrementing stocks
7-Link modes of payments with bank accounts after the PrestaShop database related.
Banks choice appear once the connection made with the Prestashop database

What's new in Latest Version 1.6.2

Many new features configurable from the new dashboard

New CyberOffice configuration dashboard on Dolibarr

Customers :

Synchronization of the language chosen by the customer (PDF translation): YES / NO
The language chosen by the customer is transferred to the third party customer's account on Dolibarr and is kept in all documents if the translations exist.
Force the customer's name in uppercase: YES / NO
Forces the Dolibarr Third-party in uppercase to have consistency of names in the Third-partylist.

Products :

Stock synchronization: YES / NO
This function allows you to synchronize or not the stock
Do not synchronize descriptions: YES / NO
This function allows you to synchronize or not the descriptions
Synchronization variant <-> combination: YES / NO
This feature allows you to synchronize the combinations of Prestashop in the "Product Variants" module of Dolibarr

Orders :

1 discount line by Prestashop discount : YES / NO
Prestashop: Price rule by product
Dolibarr: Create a PrestaDiscount reduction per line
Synchronization of the Prestashop reference with the order reference: YES / NO
The numbering of Prestashop orders is synchronized in Dolibarr at the level of the order number.
Synchronization of the Prestashop reference with the Ref.customer: YES / NO
The numbering of Prestashop orders is synchronized in Dolibarr at the Customer Ref level.

Invoices :

Provision of the download link on Prestashop: YES / NO
By clicking on the PDF invoice icon the Dolibarr invoice is available to the customer.
In Prestashop, invoices must be activated on the Order States used.
The 2 platforms must have the same level of http or https in order to ensure a good connection between them.
Dolibarr invoice collected in the Prestashop customer area

What's new from version 1.5.5

-Addition of the carrier after the PrestaShipping service in the order and invoice

The wording of PrestaShipping is easily modifiable directly in the service

-Decrease in stocks by carrier

It is possible to associate a carrier with a stock in order to decrement the stock of his choice according to the carrier
Go to Setup / Dictionaries and open cyberoffice_carrier_warehouse
Associate the IDs of Dolibarr warehouses with the IDs of Prestashop carriers
Add the IDs on the first line and click on "Add". Modification and deactivation of old associations can be done at any time.
The corresponding id of the existing carriers in Prestashop
Decreases on each of the stocks

-Multi-currency orders and invoices on Prestashop are synchronized in currency on Dolibarr

Order in $ on Prestashop synchronized in $ in Dolibarr
Order in $ on Dolibarr
It is necessary to activate and configure the Multi-currency module on Dolibarr

-Specific Prestashop prices synchronized on Dolibarr (requires the Price List module of Dolibarr)

Install and activate the Price List module in Dolibarr (Available on Dolistore)
Activate the Price List module
An additional tab "Price Lists" will be present in the product sheet. Each price appears on a line
The specific prices of the product in Prestashop are synchronized in Dolibarr

-New wrapping service

The wrapping prices are now on a separate line in the Dolibarr order with the creation of a new service "PrestaWrapping"
Automatic creation when installing the CyberOffice module if the Services module is activated
In Prestashop : Shop Parameters / order settings
Configuration of gift wrapping rates
Prestashop order with wrapping + VAT
Synchronized order with wrapping in Dolibarr with the PrestaWrapping line
Consider adding the VAT rate on the PrestaWrapping service

Features and tricks

In the case of combination, product/combination is created and detail is inserted in the first line of the description.
Product references
Product reference is automatically created with management of duplicates (increment). Using the code {ref}
If you are importing and updating your products with csv, always remember to initialize your products again so that your changes are synchronized in dolibarr.
To synchronize in Dolibarr categories and products only, simply unhook module in actionOrderStatutPostUpdate.( Modules / positions )
Directive PHP allow_url_fopen must be ON on Dolibarr server so that images can be imported
Dolibarr 5
With Dolibarr 5.xx change the $ dolibarr_nocsrfcheck = 1 variable in the conf.php file if you have a message in the module on Prestashop.
When securing the url of the shop from http to https, it is possible to intervene in the "const" table of Dolibarr (mysql) and retrieve the value of the old shop (http) and copy it to the the value of the shop (https). This will prevent any synchronization again and have duplicates in Dolibarr. It is also possible in the module at the address of the store to add an "s" (https). Do not forget to do the same in the tree of the existing category (tags / categories).
First name / Name
*To reverse in Dolibarr the order of the civility of the contacts and to change them from Name and First Name to First Name and Last Name. Go to configuration / display / Display order name / first name
Orders invoices
*If you want this reversal First Name / Name to be reflected in the orders and invoices. In the file server_customer.php of the module CyberOffice on Dolibarr to the line 245 invert the fields. Now : $ newobject-> name_alias = ($ customer ['company']? $ customer ['lastname']. ''. $ customer ['firstname']: ''); Change like this : $ newobject-> name_alias = ($ customer ['company']? $ customer ['firstname']. ''. $ customer ['lastname']: ''); You will need to make this change during each update.
Pack of products
To correctly synchronize and decrement the product packs, you must create a standard product on Prestashop. This will contain informations and images that will indicate that it contains multiple products. (Do not use Pack of product when creating) On Dolibarr you have to add the child products to this parent product in the Kits tab, as well as the composition to decrease stocks. During sales on Prestashop the father and the sons will be decremented on Dolibarr
Fusion Cyberoffice
This new functionality makes it possible to merge customers synchronized from Prestashop and already present on Dolibarr into Dolibarr.
1-Search for your customer in the left area with the search tool. 2-Click on icon to launch the search 3-Select the customer (in blue once selected) 4-Click in the right area on the icon with +. The system will display matching clients with the same name, same email, etc... 5-Select the customer in the right area (in blue when selected) 6-Click on the merge button import_key indicates the corresponding shop: P01 = shop 01
Using the Multi-Company module
Enter the same webservices key

Advanced Features

Compatibility label with CyberOffice

We have created a quality label, which guarantees a perfect compatibility of the modules with CyberOffice.
Synchronization of information from Dolibarr to Prestashop (Control of the shop from Dolibarr)
Cashdesk software for Dolibarr (counter sale for merchants with a physical shop)
Automatic sending of responsive marketing emails with discount voucher for products seen by your customers on your site. Automatically add additional blocks to the mail (Products added and abandonned to cart, new products).
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