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MyCyberOffice module synchronization from Dolibarr ERP / CRM to Prestashop

Description of the MyCyberOffice module

This MyCyberOffice module synchronization ( from Dolibarr ERP / CRM to Prestashop ) synchronizes automatically data from Dolibarr ERP / CRM to Prestashop via Webservices (automatic flow without manual intervention).
Product synchronization:
Stock, price, reference, weight, length, bar code (Ean, UPC and ISBN in PS 1.7 version only), On sale / Off sale, short and long descriptions in creation mode, images, categories.
Invoice number synchronization:
The invoice numbers of Prestashop and Dolibarr are identical (respect the original masks). Soon the templates will be identical.
Synchronization orders status:
Shipment, delivery, tracking number tracking number package.
This module must be used with the CyberOffice module (from Prestashop to Dolibarr) to work.
MyCyberOffice can be installed at any time in the life of your Prestashop store. It is recommended to put it in place when you have obtained your first sales and you control the processes of use of your shop.


Prestashop compatibility
1.6 à 1.7.xx
Dolibarr and DoliCloud compatibility
10.0 à 16.x
Compatibility mutuals servers or dedicated servers with SOAP
Webservices (automatic)
Synchronization from Dolibarr vers Prestashop
Easy installation by module
Multi-stores (several shops in the same Prestashop connected to a single Dolibarr ERP / CRM)
Multi-shops (several independent Prestashop connected* to a single Dolibarr ERP / CRM)
Product synchronization, complementary attributes (extrafields)
Price, price levels
Price lists synchronized from the specific prices of Prestashop (requires the prices list module of Dolibarr)
Short description (creation mode)
Long description (creation mode)
Barcode (Ean, UPC) and (ISBN in 1.7 version )
Synchronization orders status
For sale / Off sale
Code tracking number tracking parcel
Identical invoice number
Identical invoice: Dolibarr's invoice is present in the customer's back office
The MyCyberOffice module requires the CyberOffice module to work.
*Requires one license by Prestashop

Easy installation by module on Prestashop and Dolibarr ERP / CRM.

1.Module installation video
2.Video module using
3.Video Multi-stores and categories (Categories are essential for synchronization)


Module in Prestashop

1-Add new module, load

Your shop must not be in MAINTENANCE MODE
2-Follow the instructions in the module
Enable Web Services
Backoffice Menu "Advanced Parameters / webservice" and generate a key, all buttons must be blue and all permissions enabled.
Download the file
Install it on the Dolibarr server at the root of Dolibarr at the same level as the main directories
Do not install in the Custom directory. Do not use the installer, but install at the same level as the main Dolibarr directories
Option: Invoice number synchronization
Invoice mask
Keep the default invoice mask of #FA or #Letter of your choice
Order statuses
Generate invoice only on shipped and delivered statuses so that it is not created before.
Synchronization of invoice numbers from Dolibarr to Prestashop
New since 1.4.1 version the synchronization of invoice numbers is carried out at any time from the creation of the invoice on Dolibarr.

Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Module in Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Go to YES in the list
You must activate the function in the module on Dolibarr to obtain identical invoice numbers in Prestashop and Dolibarr and so keep on the two platforms an identical incrementation.
Activate the MyCyberOffice module
Configuration / modules / modules available and set it (Prestashop key, path to the shop with / at the end, warehouse Dolibarr id or 0 for the sum of all warehouses, lang id (not use at the moment), shop id (1 by default if not multi-shop), order status numbers "Shipped" and "Delivered" , The VAT rates)
Click to see the permissions
Check whether the webservice is working properly and that some permissions are not enabled. (Place the Prestashop key in the user name and click connect)

Choice between 2 types of stocks

Stocks choice
The physical or virtual stocks of Dolibarr will be synchronized with Prestashop.
Option: Invoice number synchronization
Invoice mask
Keep the default mask Mercury FA {yy}{mm} {0000} or Letter of your choice {yy}{mm}{0000}
Product initialization script
Enables mass synchronization of products by categories.
From the category
With the drop-down list, indicate the category of Dolibarr to synchronize.
To the category
With the drop-down list, indicate the category of destination to be synchronized on Prestashop
If you do not have a category created
2 possibilities: Synchronize all products on a single category of Prestashop (home for example) or create them in Dolibarr and assign the products. Then proceed to the classic initialization.
The synchronization time depends on several criteria: number of products, number of images, and power of your server. You have to wait for the system to get your hands back (Displaying the synchronization result or the "Continue" or "Cancel" button), it may take several minutes.

What's New in Latest Version 1.5.1

2 new functions in the configuration of the MyCyberOffice module
Only Stock
Only the stock of a product will be synchronized or not
Label Synchronization
In modification, update of product the synchronization of the label, summary, description can be carried out or not

What's new from version 1.4.x

-Price List synchronized from the specific prices of Prestashop (requires the Price List module of Dolibarr)

Install and activate the Price List module in Dolibarr (Available on Dolistore)
Activate the Price List module
An additional tab "Price Lists" will be present in the product sheet. Each price appears on a line

-Choice of the price level to synchronize

Choose the price level to synchronize to Prestashop
Selling price 3 will be synchronized to Prestashop

Features & Tips

The debug mode must be activated only on request of the support
Prestashop : Inventory management must be configured in manual mode so that Dolibarr can update them.
Identical invoice numbers : Keep original masks on Prestashop #FA or #Letter of your choice in Prestashop and Dolibarr configure the same mask in Mercury FA {yy}{mm}{0000} or Letter of your choice {yy}{mm}{0000}
Categories : The categories are necessary for the synchronization of the products, do not forget to add the tree of Dolibarr on Prestashop.
Warehouse / Inventory : During synchronization, the product must belong to a warehouse to be synchronized.
Using the Multi-Company module on Dolibarr : Fill in the same webservices key

Advanced Features

Compatibility label with CyberOffice

We have created a quality label, which guarantees a perfect compatibility of the modules with CyberOffice.
Synchronization of information from Dolibarr to Prestashop (Control of the shop from Dolibarr)
Cashdesk software for Dolibarr (counter sale for merchants with a physical shop)
Automatic sending of responsive marketing emails with discount voucher for products seen by your customers on your site. Automatically add additional blocks to the mail (Products added and abandonned to cart, new products).
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