Combinations Prestashop with product variants module Dolibarr*

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Synchronize Prestashop combinations with product variants module on Dolibarr*

Activate the Product variants module in Dolibarr

​Setup / modules / product variants

Switch to yes the variant configuration in the CyberOffice panel

In the CyberOffice module activate the UseVariant section

Match Prestashop attributes with Dolibarr Variant attributes

In the CyberOffice module at the store list level, click on the "Variants" icon to display the exiting attributes on the 2 platforms. Match them. The "error" icon indicates that the correspondence has not been made. On the left the shop and on the right Dolibarr, match the attributes (* need MyCyberOffice module)
On the left the shop and on the right Dolibarr, match the attributes

During synchronization, the variations will be placed in the variants tab of Dolibarr

The 3 colors of combinations in Prestashop.
Always create a parent with at least one combination (child) at the same time. If you delay the creation of the combination, the product will be recognized as a simple product in Dolibarr.
For products with variations already synchronized before the activation of the Product variants on Dolibarr, the previous method is kept.
The 3 combinations are synchronized in the variants tab in Dolibarr.
The modifications made in Dolibarr will be synchronized on Prestashop if the MyCyberOffice module is installed.
If the product existed on Dolibarr with the same reference as a simple product, please delete it so that it is synchronized with the combination.