WooCommerce variations and Dolibarr product variants module

Synchronize WooCommerce variations by variants product on Dolibarr

Activate the Product variants module in Dolibarr

Setup / modules / product variants

Switch to "YES" the UseVariant configuration in the CyberOffice configuration dashboard

Synchronization UseVariant YES

Match WooCommerce variations with those of Dolibarr

In the CyberOffice module at the level of the list of stores :
1-Click on the "Variants" icon to display the existing variations on the 2 platforms.
2-Match them.
3-The "error" icon indicates that the match has not been made.
Click on the icon to display the correspondences of variations
On the left Woocommerce and on the right Dolibarr, match the variations

During synchronization the variations will be placed in the product variants tab of Dolibarr

The 3 variation sizes in Woocommerce
Always create a parent with at least one variation (child) at the same time. If you shift the creation of the variation, the product will be recognized as a simple product in Dolibarr.
Product variations on WooCommerce
The 3 variations are synchronized in the variations tab in Dolibarr
Synchronization of variations in the variations tab on Dolibarr
If the product existed on Dolibarr before the synchronization with the same reference in simple product, please delete it so that it is synchronized with the variations.