How to configure WooCommerce product attributes to sync with Dolibarr attributes

How to configure Woocommerce product attributes to synchronize them with Dolibarr additional product attributes (extrafields).

WooCommerce Product attributes to synchronize

1-We want to synchronize the Color (id 2) and Energy (id 3) attributes in the Dolibarr product sheets

Products / attributes

2-Determine WooCommerce Attribute ID and detail

Change Attributes / Color Id = 2
Change Attributes / Energy Id = 3
Id detail same method in URL red ID= 27

3- Extrafields additional in complementary attributes tab must be created in Dolibarr. (Select list for color and energy)

Create attributes in the products / additional attributes module
For select lists, you must enter the values ​​according to this format:
1, name1 2, name2 3, name3 Etc...
Select list 1, Name1
Warning to the notion of required. If you pass them to YES, they must all be filled in, otherwise the synchronization of the attributes will not work.
Switch to NO to avoid synchronization aborted

4- Go to the cyberoffice_extrafield dictionaries and see the list of extra attributes (Extrafields) of product

Dictionaries cyberoffice_extrafield (id 2 and 3)
ID 2 (color) and 3 (energy) must correspond to Dolibarr extraflieds (color and energy)
Enter Woocommerce ID

6- Synchronization of WooCommerce Attributes to Dolibarr complementary attributes (Extrafields) is now functional

The changes made in the Woocommerce product sheet will be synchronized on Dolibarr.
The attributes of the Woocommerce product sheet are synchronized in Dolibarr
The attributes synchronized in the Dolibarr product sheet